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Villanova embraces new aftermarket ticketing scheme to allow in-game purchases with smartphones

Chances are that you own an Apple or Android smartphone, and Villanova's ticket office is planning to take advantage of that fact this season.

Mitchell Leff

With the offseason over, and Villanova basketball back into full swing, the number one thing on a Villanova fan's mind should be, "How am I going to get my hands on some Villanova basketball tickets?" As a college senior at Villanova, that is pretty easy, all we have to do is register for the lottery, but for the majority of Villanova fans it is difficult to go to games.

The Pavilion is always sold out, and it is difficult to get good seats during the games played at the Wells Fargo Center.  But there is a solution; it is called LetsMoveDown.

This season, LetsMoveDown has partnered with Villanova for the Pavilion home games. Currently there is no deal with Villanova and the Wells Fargo Center, but since there is a partnership with the 76ers, the chance that Villanova pairs up with Lets Move Down for their four regular season games is high.

The service is a mobile application that was founded in November of 2012 by Derek Shewmon, Federico Campbell and Jeff Brisbin.  Both Campbell and Brisbin graduated from Villanova in 2001.  It will ultimately allow the Villanova fan-base to have a better experience because it enables tickets to be sold faster.  Usually an alum has to go to the will call window to see if there are any tickets available.  Now using LetsMoveDown, you will be able to purchase tickets more easily.

They initially came up with the idea in 2010.

"Jeff Brisbin made a casual observation back in 2010 regarding how it would be great to pay $20 to move to an empty seat near the action," Shewmon explained.

They initially went to the University of Maryland with this idea, and in the summer of 2012 the Terps loved the idea and implemented it for their upcoming basketball season.

Here is how it works: For the buyers, you are able to purchase an in-game ticket through the LetsMoveDown app on your smartphone.  Through the app you are able to view and buy better seats.  The prices of the tickets are adjusted as the game progresses.  Once you purchase the ticket, you are able to show the newly purchased ticket through your smartphone to the usher in the arena.  For the sellers, they are able to sell their tickets at any point during the game.  It is an easy way to sell the tickets if you were unable to sell them beforehand, or if you were unable to make the game. The price of the ticket is adjusted every two minutes during the game, so you the buyer never has to pay full face value for the ticket.

Villanova is one of five BIG EAST teams, along with Georgetown, Marquette, Seton Hall and Xavier, that will be using LetsMoveDown this season.

The Villanova ticket office has faced criticism in the past. Is becoming an early-adopter of this technology a step in the right direction?

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