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Infographic: What is returning from last year

Jamie Squire

Ed's Wisdom of Crowds review, gets right to the point, "which players will step up to replace 19% of last season's offense produced by departed players Mouphtaou Yarou and Mo Sutton"?

It's quite simple, Villanova has lost 23% of the team's points, 24% of the total minutes, and 39% of the team's rebounds through graduation or transfers.

The below infographic allows you to toggle between Points, Minutes, and Rebounds to graphically see the impact of the "lost" players which also include Achraf Yacoubou and Tyrone Johnson. The numbers in parentheses is the actual statistic; if you hover-over, you can see the percentage.

What do you think? Is the hole bigger than you thought? Do you think that a committee of Wildcats can fill in the holes? Sound off in the comments.

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