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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for December 12, 2013

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring national media taking notice, MLL Draft, and the threat to Olympic sports.

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Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! So I just realized that the La Salle game isn't until Sunday. I swear I knew this, but apparently blocked it from my memory because I knew how painful a Sunday game would be. Then again, now that I don't have to watch the New York Giants anymore, this allows me to focus my entire sports anxiety attack on the Cats. You'll see me typing in CapsLock a lot.

Seriously, more of you should join our live game threads. It's a treat.

And now, the "news."

They're playing basketball: An oral history of Kurtis Blow's 'Basketball' on the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking video |
LONGFORM ALERT! We're leading with this today because it's that damn good. As a resident young'n, I didn't even know about this video until I read this piece. Print it out, head to the office. You know the drill.

Villanova's second half against St. Joseph's (PA) was the most impressive half of the season | Grantland
H/T to reader Mark S. for this. As we continue to make national headlines, I do wonder if this narrative of 'team basketball' ever does develop into credit towards James Tahj Bell and JayVaughn Pinkston. How often is it that a team has two 17+ ppg guys? And then I look at the stat sheet and we've got 6 guys averaging 8 ppg or more. Damn.

'Nova is surprising us all | CollegeBasketballTalk
I think about those preseason threads where 95% of the community hated on the "take 'em" approach of Jay Wright. I guess this is why we're the beer on a couch crowd and Jay Wright is a multi-millionaire basketball coach.

The most surprising team this season? | USA TODAY
Not much more you can ask for from Villanova, Nicole Auerbach? Clearly, you do not read VU Hoops. We've got, like, 76 things to complain about on a daily basis, from Ryan Arcidiacono not being the best PG on the team to Jay Wright's insistence on curbing the potential of Darryl Reynolds.

A look at college basketball's more underrated players of 2013 |
WARNING: James Tahj Bell is not on this list. So feel free to not click this link. Or feel free to click this link and unleash hell on Peter Woodburn (who is a good guy, so be funny-mean).

Rice Selected Third Overall in MLL Supplemental Draft | Villanova University Official Athletic Site
John Tucker, Boston Cannons Head Coach: "Taawmy, whaduya think about this Jack Rice kid outta Villanover?"

Tom Slate, Cannons Asst. Coach: "Aww, Jahnny, kid's fahkin' wicked quick!"

Moderator: "The Boston Cannons select Jack Rice, Villanova University."

Villanova To Host 2017 NCAA Men's College Cup at PPL Park | Villanova University Official Athletic Site
But God forbid we make this the home of Villanova football.

When will Villanova follow Temple's lead? | Face on Villanova Theater
For all the fun it's been to watch that tire fire over at Temple, it is a real concern that Villanova may have to reevaluate its Olympic sports programs in the coming years. Let's say Villanova had to cut 3 sports to start - what would they be?

Retired Villanova prof stabbed to death in Germantown |
Ugh. I had Professor Ambruster when I was at Villanova for my astronomy elective. This is not a good story. Sort of crazy that a 69 year old ex-professor has a male roommate? Or is that just me?