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Joining the VU Hoops Community

Participation in this SB Nation Villanova Community is Free, Secure, & Easy.

Drew Hallowell

We've been pinged a couple of times about registration & payment information to join the VU Hoops Community, so we figured this is a good time for this Public Service Announcement: Registration & Participation on this site (and all SB Nation sites) is completely free.

Better yet, registration is easy and secure.

1. Click on the Sign Up link in the upper right hand corner


2. Determine a Sign Up method, use authentication against your Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Open ID credentials -OR- with your email address directly with SB Nation.


3. Select a UserName. This will be the same user name across all SBN sites.

4. Enter your details (with the secure SBN Privacy Policy)…

5. Accept the Community Guidelines. You will need to accept the guidelines for each community you wish to make comments in. In most cases, access is granted immediately but in rare cases there may be a time delay.


And you are good to go. Just make sure to log in when you come back to the site and you’ll be able to see what comments are new since your last visit.

Welcome. See you in the comments!