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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for December 24, 2013

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring ESPN love, Philadelphia hate, and eggnog warnings.

Merry Christmas Eve, 'Nova Nation! May you all have an exciting day and night with your family and friends, and don't drink too much of the eggnog. Trust me, somebody spiked the hell outta that thing.

Important broadcasting note: The Sun's Arizin is taking Christmas Day off. I will be too busy either tearing through presents like a 6-year old who has had too much sugar OR holding myself in bed with alcohol poisoning because I didn't heed my own advice.

And now, the "news."

Villanova goes back to basics and becomes relevant again | ESPN
Dana O'Neil still loves us! I thought she deserted Villanova but here she is with another fantastic article. The best nugget in there though - the 2014 recruiting class is done, by Wright's own decision. He apparently has players he could bring in, but he doesn't any more.

Daily Word: What caused Villanova's resurgence? ESPN
Three different answers posed here - but I'm just going to go with "playing better with better players" for $500, Alex.

Villanova is very good, and greater-Philadephia is not pleased | Crossing Broad
Have you ever read through the comments at Crossing Broad on any Villanova-related article? I forgot how much everyone else hates us.

College Basketball Talk’s latest top 25 | CollegeBasketballTalk
Come on Dauster. Me and you are Tottenham homeboys. Which basically makes us Thunder Buddies 4 Life. I expect a prompt rise into the Top 5 after we dismantle Syracuse at the weekend.

Big East Big Five: Week Eight | Anonymous Eagle
The Marquette community has zero percent interest (at the time of me writing this post) in watching DePaul-Marquette. Ryan is somewhere in New Jersey shaking his head in disappointment.

ONIONS! Who are the potential No. 1s |
Oh Rodger Sherman, just when we were getting along so well. Kentucky-Louisville is not a better game than Villanova-Syracuse.

Early Surprises in College Basketball | ESPN