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Catching Up with the 'Cats: Xmas Edition

The Holiday season is upon us! Let's take a quick look to see what the Villanova alumni in the NBA have on their wish lists.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

The Villanova alumni are always making us proud in the NBA with big stats and great play, both on and off the court. What might we find on their Christmas lists?

Randy Foye

Randy Foye must be wishing for a consistent three point shot. The colds winds of Denver got to the starting Nuggets shooting guard, as he shot a lowly 15% from distance over his past five games. Randy is now making just 33% of his attempts from downtown. With over half of his shots coming from behind the arc, it is imperative that Foye picks up his shooting game. Maybe he can take a few lessons from the Jolly Man himself....

Kyle Lowry

The former Villanova star might be wishing for a little bit of consistency in his life. Despite putting up great numbers this season (or perhaps it's because of these great numbers), Lowry finds himself on the trading block. I truly believe Lowry can be a key component to a championship run if he is traded to the right team. As the season progresses, we can only hope Lowry is sent somewhere he can thrive during the prime of his career.

Dante Cunningham

Cunningham has found his niche on the Minnesota Timberwolves' roster. He consistently hits a mid-range jumper, plays versatile defense, and brings A+ effort every night. What I'm hoping Santa brings Dante is a few more highlight plays. Like this one:

Dante Cunnigham Slams Over Blake Griffin (via NBA)

Or maybe this one?

Ricky Rubio Steal And Lob To Dante Cunningham (via firstandskol)

But definitely at least one of these:

Dante Cunningham game-winning tip vs. Nuggets (Feb. 17, 2012) (via thehoopscene)

Maalik Wayns

All Villanova's former guard can be wishing for is a healthy knee. A preseason MCL injury has sidelined the Los Angeles Clippers' backup point guard for duration of the season so far. As Wayns continues to draw closer to his return date, a healthy knee will go a long way in proving to the Association that he can play with the big boys. He must've done something over the summer to prove to the Clippers he deserves a shot, now he just needs the chance to prove it.

Maurice Sutton

Speaking of getting their chance, how freaking cool would it be to see Sutton in the NBA? It seems a long shot at this point; Sutton's minutes and production have decreased steadily since the start of the D-League season. But who knows, crazier things have happened....

Thanks for reading and have a happy holiday season with your loved ones!