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Nova with "Work Left To Do" in ESPN's Bubble Watch

With 14 wins and 9 losses, ESPN has Villanova on the outside looking in.

J. Meric

Although hard to believe, we are only 1 month away from the Big East Tournament and shortly after that will be Selection Sunday. With almost 75% of the season complete, certain teams are locks for the NCAA Tournament, while others are trying to strengthen their resumes and make a case for a bid. At the very least, Villanova has put themselves in the discussion, which most probably would have signed up for at the beginning of the season. At 14-9 overall and 5-5 in the Big East, the Cats need to get up to 19 or 20 wins one would think. At the moment though, ESPN's Eamon Brennan has Villanova most likely outside of the 68 team field. In the debut of ESPN College Bubble Watch, Brennan notes,

Villanova [14-9 (5-5), RPI: 66, SOS: 46] Two weeks ago Villanova's at-large tournament case was basically nonexistent. But when you beat Louisville and Syracuse in four days, becoming the first unranked team since Ball State in 2001 to beat two top-five teams in the same week, your tournament prospectus can change that quickly. That said, Nova's RPI is still well outside the usual range, it was swept by Providence and it has that home loss to Columbia (RPI: 235) hanging over its head. Two very good wins won't be enough to drag the rest of this profile over the finish line.

If the Cats are going to earn a bid, how many wins do they need to get and is it a feasible goal at this point?