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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for March 18th, 2013

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring NCAA Tournament pools, concussions, and Mad Men.

Happy Monday (and NCAA Tournament berth) 'Nova Nation! Third times the charm against the Heels? I'm thinking hell yes.

We're going to begin a new regular feature here on VUhoops, where we'll start the morning off right with a news roundup. Most of it will be Villanova related, some of it will be college athletics related, and some of it will just be things we find funny. We see it as a chance to continue to build the great community we have on the site - feel free to treat this your daily open thread.

You may have noticed the title we settled on (Brian pretty much shot the clown on his first attempt), which is clever enough to speak to the early morning nature of this post and is also make a dedication to Villanova's greatest player of all-time, Paul Arizin.

(Editor's Note: By completely mispronouncing his name, but a dedication nonetheless!)

On to the links!

Big East obit: Villanova - Capital New York
A nice trip down memory lane from Howard Megdal, until he takes a potshot at us by saying we've missed the tournament two years in a row. In fairness it was such a quick exit against George Mason that he probably forgot we made it in 2011. Or maybe he was channeling his inner-Gottlieb and assumed we wouldn't make it in 2013. Hmmmm.

Join the VU Hoops NCAA Bracket Pool - VU Hoops
Have you joined yet? If not, get on it already! I heard the overlords of the site are working on a prize for the winner. It probably won't be that bad, either.

Concussions In Sports: Brian Westbrook, Keith Primeau Spread Awareness - Huffington Post
It's good to see Villanova's law and athletics programs getting involved in this hot topic. Though the last time I remember a serious Villanova concussion was Joe Price two seasons ago, it's important that 'Nova stay up to date here. Topics covered at the symposium included equipment improvement, rule adjustments, legal rights, and whether parents should allow their children to play. I go yes, yes, no, yes. How about y'all?

The Last Shot -
Earl Badu hit one of the most famous shots in Maryland basketball history. Ten years later, he jumped off a bridge.

March Mad Men-ness is here -
If you're a fan of Mad Men, like yours truly, this will scratch your itch until the show returns. Bets on who would win the office pool at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? I'm going with the lawnmower girl. She's got just the right amount of clueless in her to take home the crown.

Sydney Maree released from South African Prison - Villanova Running
One of the Wildcat's most famous runners was locked up in a South African prison for 21 months over the transfers of around $120,000 of funds from (and back into) an account held by the National Empowerment Fund charity that Maree was chief executive of. Though given a 60-year sentence, Maree's family pursued an "early humanitarian release," similar to the relief achieved by Nelson Mandela. Though he holds dual citizenship with the US, the terms of Maree's release will not allow him to travel internationally.