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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for March 19th, 2013

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring UNC overlooking 'Nova, some Big Dance storylines, and the curious case of Raphael Chillious' Twitter.

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Happy Tuesday, 'Nova Nation! I can't tell you how excited I'm getting as the minutes pass by. I can't wait for Friday night. Marv Albert's gonna be all like YES! as Ryan Arcidiacono, James Bell, and Darrun Hilliard rain treys on the Heels.

Anyone feeling like we're getting a lack of respect? Yes, UNC is hot lately. Yes, we've had our struggles. But not only is this an 8-9 game, but we've already proven we're up for the big games this year. Not to mention we're going to have the entire Kansas fanbase behind us. I'm feeling pretty good about this one, myself.

On to the links!

Villanova can't complain -
No, no we can't. I think Arch summed the team's attitude up best with this gem - "I didn't even know we got North Carolina. Then I was like, 'All right, that's fine. That's who we're playing.'" Fantastic stuff, that.

UNC must get past Villanova before thinking about Kansas -
"North Carolina technically plays Villanova in its opening game of the NCAA tournament." Uh, no guys. You are actually playing Villanova in your first (and last if we have our way) game of the NCAA Tournament. I feel like Jason Sudeikis in the Maine Justice skit. 'Oooooh Jessup they don't even know! It's gonna be so spicy!"

Breaking down the seeds, storylines of the NCAA Tournament -
Mike Rutherford thinks that Villanova was overseeded as a 9, citing a poor OOC performance and our 13 losses overall. But Arc3diacono! Okay, I'm finding it hard to debate his point.

The right and wrong of March Madness opening week -
Villanova-North Carolina being shown on cable is specifically called out as "wrong" by Steve Lepore. And I think he makes a fair argument that there's enough brand here to warrant a CBS assignment. But hey, we got Marv, so I ain't complaining. Plus, he hates Doug Gottlieb too. So Steve Lepore, you're now an honorary VUhoopster (is that what you all call yourselves? Can we do better?).

Joe Lundardi Previews Villanova
That's if you can call these 30 seconds a proper preview. UNC has too many scorers, Villanova's too young, blah, blah, blah.

And finally, the latest from Coach Chill's Twitter account. Can anyone tell me what in the hell he is talking about?