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Mouphtaou Yarou: Where he ranks on Villanova's All-Time Lists


Villanova senior Mouphtaou Yarou's heart, soul, and dedication has been at the core of the success of this year's Wildcat Basketball team.

The Benin native has faced struggles throughout his college career; from battling illness as a freshman, to finding consistent playing time as a sophomore, and becoming a team leader as a junior to examine the core values of what makes Mouph the person who he is today.

Yaoru's life shows a dedication to self-improvement- ability to live on his own far away from his family, in the classroom (where he is a double Finance & International Business major), in learning a new language, in succeeding in a sport to which he's relatively new at.

Head coach Jay Wright quote perfectly described Yarou, "[he] takes great pride in being a Villanova Basketball player and his leadership has been really important in this team's development."

And now Yarou finds himself leading a young 'Nova squad on college basketball's biggest stage- the NCAA Tournament.

When Villanova's matchup with North Carolina was announced Yaoru noted, "It's a little bit selfish, but I feel great. I feel great because Scottie (Reynolds) took his team to the NCAA tournament, Corey Fisher did, and this time I took the team."

Wright added, "That's not selfish, that's not selfish at all. There was a lot of responsibility put on you. That's pride."

And Nova Nation is proud of Mouph.

As the Wildcats prepare their final run of the 2012-13 season, let's take a look at where Yarou stands in Villanova's history of career totals.

Points- 54th: 1,051 (42 points behind Antonio Pena)

Rebounds- 11th: 828 (7 boards behind George Raveling)

Blocks- 10th: 100 (11 behind Brooks Sales)