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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for March 21st, 2013

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring CBI success, a potential Philly takeover in KC, and the USS Villanova.

Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! Solid day of action yesterday, huh? That whole Gavin Schilling thing was a massive letdown but on the bright side, it was a huge day for the new Big East as Butler, Xavier and Creighton were announced as new members along with a FOX media rights deal.

The best detail of the announcement is the involvement of Gus Johnson, who has been out of the college basketball spotlight for far too long. Gus is a prime asset of FOX, and appears eager to get involved in the Big East brand.

In celebration, I present to you Gus at his finest.

On to the links!

Wright has Villanova back on right track -
I'm really unsure how to feel after reading this. Jay Wright would have been happy with any postseason play this year? The CBI? I didn't think we were an NCAA team, but I was hoping for the NIT. I'm happy we beat our expectations but the CBI (or NIT for that matter) should never warrant feelings of joy.

UNC vs Villanova: Recruiting Bonds and Rivalries - Keeping It Heel
Nate Britt and Kris Jenkins have some ties back to Gonzaga High School. Shame they'll probably never face each other in college, because you know, Villanova hates a good out-of-conference schedule.

La Salle gets first NCAA tourney win since 1990 - Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Good for La Salle. I was excited for them when they got into the field, and now they'll get a shot to upset Kansas State (coincidentally, also in Kansas City where we play). Philly takeover for the weekend? I wouldn't mind it.

Imagining each school as a real-life warship -
The good news? The USS Villanova is was a real thing! The bad news is that it was a minesweeper in World War II, while the USS North Carolina was a battleship. Though when I read battleship I thought Battleship (the movie), which made me think of Rihanna, which made me think of Disturbia (her song), which made me think of Disturbia (the movie), which made me think of Shia LaBeouf. And now we're on Shia LaBeouf because of North Carolina, which in reality makes Villanova the winner. See what I did there?