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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for March 22nd, 2013

Villanova Wildcats daily links, today featuring lots of 'Nova-UNC coverage, Jekyll & Hyde, the BW3 apocalypse, and Mike Petraglia perfectly capturing the what's wrong with the college sports landscape.

Happy Friday (and gameday!) 'Nova Nation! It's time to knock the boots with UNC and come out the victor. Quick reminder, the game tips off at 7:20 pm ET tonight, and will air on TNT. Make sure to check out the oodles of pregame content we've been pumping out by checking out our NCAA Tournament hub.

Time to avenge Villanova greats like Randy Foye, Allan Ray, Dante Cunningham, Dwayne Anderson and Scottie Reynolds who were ousted by the Tar Heels. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!

On to the links!

NCAA Tournament 2013: Best and worst of everything from day 1 -
If you missed a monster dunk, upset, close finish or any of the other madness from the first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament, we've got you covered.

Unpredictable Villanova prep for challenge of UNC - Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Villanova's inconsistent, we get it. JEKYLL AND HYDE - COMING TO AN NCAA TOURNAMENT NEAR YOU!

In Villanova’s realignment saga, basketball won -
I don't know that "won" is the right word. I think it "worked out." You might even say there was a bit of "luck" involved. In any case, some interesting thoughts from Jay Wright, including the Big East coaches scheming to figure out how to keep the conference together seemingly behind the presidents' backs.

Impossible to figure out unpredictable Villanova- CSN Philly
They can beat anybody. They can lose to anybody. Or anything in between.

For Villanova, NCAA tournament bid is a senior moment -
A Mo Sutton feature? Count me in.

Tar Heels face Villanova in No. 8-9 NCAA Tournament showdown - The Herald-Sun
Probably the best preview of the game I have seen so far, with stats and everything to back up assertions! Then again, it all comes down to what we already know - save the cheerleader, save the world stop the 3, win the game.

Villanova coach Jay Wright congratulates La Salle -
Jay Wright and John Giannini are friends? Anarchy, I say!

Villanova Practice Photos -
19 images from Villanova's practice session in Kansas City. My personal favorite is Mo Sutton dunking with his eyes closed.

Why Villanova Seriously Wants to beat UNC -
Tumblr's Villanova correspondent, Miggy, goes through a 5-item list of the reasons why Villanova fans desperately want this win over UNC tonight. It's probably all Michael Jordan's fault.

Surviving the new Buffalo Wild Wings apocalypse -
Spencer Hall does it again. If you aren't familiar with his work, I encourage you to read him regularly. One of the best comedic writers we have on the network.

The Daily Win: Let the Tournament begin -
Matt Ufford tells you why you should forget about your job, family life, and overall well being, to focus on the 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament. Now' let's all go grab 30 Big Mac's and get this party started.

The madness of it all - WEEI
[Stands and applauds at what we're all thinking but no other journalist has had the guts to write]