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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for March 28th, 2013

Daily Villanova Wildcat links, today featuring Norman White's preparation for the NFL Draft, Jay Wright's burgeoning TV career, and LeBron whining again.

You know, I wasn't really around VU Hoops yesterday much as I had a busy day, but when I logged on late at night to catch up on the day's action, I saw something I never like to see. Whenever there is an "Expansion Apocalypse" post from Brian, I shudder. And really only because it usually means bad news for 'Nova (that's how far my morale has fallen on this front); Brian's actually a great writer!

This latest news isn't exactly the world ending, but conference realignment continues in the FCS ranks. And one of our conference rivals may be moving up to FBS football. Football just can't seem to get settled. You gotta love it, right NovaDave?!

On to the links!

Football Rob w/ Villanova WR Norman White | Blog Talk Radio
I see Norman White as a similar prospect to Brandyn Harvey from a few years ago. Maybe he gets drafted late, but it's almost certain that he'll get a camp invite from somebody and land on a practice squad. As my boy Victor Cruz showed, all you need is a chance sometimes. Rootin' for ya Norm!

Villanova coach Jay Wright to do TV again for CBS, Turner during NCAA tournament - Fox News
Villanova coach Jay Wright is becoming a regular on TV in March. Yeah, that's the kind of press you want!

The definitive March Madness dance compilation video -
From sea to shining sea, college teams are playing basketball. But more importantly, they're dancing!

LeBron James whines about foul calls after Chicago snaps Heat's winning streak -
Poor baby. Are you surprised at all that he was complaining?