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Mouphtaou Yarou playing at Portsmouth


Graduating Villanova senior Mouphtaou Yarou will be participating at the Portsmouth Invitational the 10th through the 13th in Virginia.

At the conclusion of each college season, the PIT has invited 64 of the best college basketball seniors from across the nation to participate in a four-day, twelve-game tournament. The tournament is a showcase of talent that takes place before the eyes of NBA scout from every team.

The 6'10" Yarou averaged 9.9 points and 7.8 rebounds per game during his senior season as he anchored Villanova as the squad's leader en route to Nova's return to the NCAA Tournament.

Yarou is on the K&D Roundscaping team coached by Scottie Pippen. In his first game, the Benin native scored 14 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in 25 minutes as his team notched a 91-67 victory. Mouph also tallied 3 blocks, a steal, and an assist in his effort when going 6 for 8 from the field.

HIs team will next play at 7p on Friday.