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Villanova Steeplechaser Breaks Arm, Wins Race

Just your average story of a steeplechaser breaking his arm in half and winning a Big East qualifying race. Nothing to see here, move along.

@RunNova / The Villanovan

Move over, Kevin Ware.

Villanova's own Brian Basili snapped his arm in two places, creating what looks to be a very clean break during his 3000 meter steeplechase at the Colonial Relays in Virginia last Friday afternoon. The race is seven and a half laps of running and hurdling obstacles, including water.

With three barriers to go, Basili fell, breaking his arm. He inconceivably picked himself up and won the race. With his arm snapped in half. No, seriously.

John Pickhaver covers the story in detail in this weeks Villanovan. From the article:

"Did I get it? Did I get?" he shouted.

He got nearly five seconds.

Basili said that he finally realized the severity of the situation while lying on the ground.

"I remember I looked over at my arm briefly, and I saw it spilled out onto the track," he said. "I looked away and heard the crowd go ‘oh.'"

And this:

He attributes his unparallel courage and determination to his days at Columbia High School in Maplewood, N.J., under Coach Miriam Jackson.

"She always taught me that you never drop out of a race unless your leg is broken," Basili said, smiling.

It's good to know he's kept a sense of humor. Basili can start running again in three weeks.