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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for April 12th, 2013

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring diversity, the NCAA lopping their own heads off, and another transfer prospect bites the dust.

Happy Friday, 'Nova Nation! That Masters app is pretty sweet. Had that puppy streaming live at work all day yesterday. Who had Marc Leishman leading after round 1? No chance he stays involves. No chance I say!

On to the links!

Lack of diversity noticed by students | The Villanovan
Mostly about diversity within the school, but this quote is pretty awesome: "Coddling its image, stepping in line with the status quo, and holding its tongue, it has created an institution of learning, but Villanova has yet to IGNITE CHANGE. This school needs more than a slogan to awaken the ember of self-awareness, individuality and activity within its student body."

Graduation Not Required for Graduate Transfer Exception |
From Brian: If, somehow, a player wanted to transfer and play immediately but didn't have a reason for a waiver (and didn't graduate) were to be accepted into a graduate program at another school despite not having a bachelors degree . . . apparently, they can play immediately.

Lack of Institutional Control: Will the NCAA Be Its Own Executioner? - Villanova Law
Thomas Elliot weighs in on how the NCAA might do themselves in with all of the penalties that have been handed out in recent years for infractions.