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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for April 5th, 2013

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring the end of the Ash era, another one biting the dust at Rutgers, and NCAA President Mark Emmert bombing a press conference.

Happy Friday, 'Nova Nation! I was so busy yesterday that I completely missed the Ash Yacoubou transfer news. Obviousl not surprising, but I'm still on the side of disappointment. Not that I think Ash should have grinded it out for another two years when he clearly wasn't going to get the PT he probably deserved, but I'm more disappointed that Jay Wright apparently feels he's not good enough for the rotation despite some very solid performances this season.

So that leaves three open scholarships for 2013. Three! And we can't get a big man?! Jay Wright better have a rabbit in his hat. If there is a bright side, it's that this balances the classes that have true backcourt players a little bit better and realistically makes it easier for us to bring in a pair like Ja'Quan Newton and Phil Booth in the same class. Let's hope that's the plan.

On to the links!

Rutgers assistant Jimmy Martelli resigns after Mike Rice fallout -
The latest domino has fallen in the Rutgers scandal. Assistant coach Jimmy Martelli has resigned after it was revealed he was also involved in the abuse of players.

Beach towel court cures all -
FIU hired Isiah Thomas and Ron Turner? No matter. Also, this is actually happening now, according to Dieter Kurtenbach.

The next step for Mankind: Mick Foley continues his evolution as one of America's greatest entertainers -
WWE legend Mick Foley continues his evolution as one of America's greatest entertainers. Are ya havin' a nice day so far?

Carmen Sandiego's Africa map: television's invisible, impossible shuttle run -
Unfortunately the breakdown of Legends of The Hidden Temple was before The Sun's Arizin was born. I'll have to look that up another time. Here's another gem for your Friday though. Looking back at these shows, it's borderline abusive to children.

Mark Emmert's Final Four press conference: A disaster, in tweets -
The NCAA's president took the mic in Atlanta, where he feistily defended his resume and the NCAA's standing amid multiple controversies and investigations. And he got smoked by the media on Twitter.