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Dwayne Anderson joins Pat Chambers' staff at Penn State

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The initial notion was mentioned a month or so ago but confirmed today - class of '09 graduate Dwayne Anderson will be an assistant coach for Pat Chambers at Penn State.

Anderson, who is from the Metro-DC area, graduated from 'Nova in 2009 after being an integral part of that season's Final Four team and would be reunited with Chambers who was a Villanova assistant at the time. This would only add another Villanova connection to the Penn State bench as Keith Urgo is also an associate Head Coach. Urgo was Villanova's Director of Basketball Operations in 2009, rising to assistant coach.

Following graduation, Anderson has played in Italy and Germany; most recently with s.Oliver Baskets where he averaged 13.5 points a game. He has also started ROBY (Rock Out Be You) a brand that "encourages you to be yourself."

Head Coach Chambers on Anderson:

"Dwayne is an absolute winner and a leader, and we are fortunate to have someone of his caliber joining our staff. He is fresh off a very successful playing career both in college and professionally in Europe and will be terrific connecting and communicating with the current and future players in our program."