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2013 Villanova Football- Roster Hometown Infographic

Following the inclusion of this year's freshmen, the 2013 Villanova Football Roster is fairly certain. As we provided a Two-Deep Depth Chart for the upcoming season as well as perform the Player Profiles, we thought we'd take a step back and look at where these players are coming from.

Based on history, one would be quick to guess that a majority of players' hometown is in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; and they'd be correct. A full 61% (50 of 82) of this year's football squad is from one of those two states.

But what state sends the third most? (Hint: think West!)

The above infographic shows the count of states where this year's team originates (and yes, I'm counting Ontario as a state).

State #
PA 26
NJ 24
CA 6
FL 5
MD 4
OH 4
CT 2
MA 2
NY 2
MN 1
NC 1
NE 1
NV 1
OK 1
VA 1

That picture equally distributes a player's residence across the entire state, the one below provides a heat map of the players' hometowns.


Does any of this surprise you?