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The new Henry Lowe Jersey unveiling

Al Bello

With the addition of freshman Kris Jenkins to the Villanova roster this season, walk-on sophomore Henry Lowe was looking for a new number.

Lowe, the 5'11" New York native, forfeited his #2 jersey to the heralded DC-Area forward and took on the Single-Zero power number.

VU Hoops discovered this in July, and received confirmation from Mike Sheridan, Villanova's Director of Media Relations, that Lowe would be donning the #0 for this upcoming season.

Another member of the Villanova #BenchMob Trifecta, Patrick Farrell, unveiled the new jersey via Twitter on Thursday.

Earlier in the summer another #2 jersey was held hostage. When United States Men's National Soccer Team captain, Clint Dempsey, joined Seattle Sounders FC, rookie Deandre Yedlin (a U20 US national teamer himself) had some fun holding his former (and newly in-demand) number for ransom.

No sources could provide details of the Lowe & Jenkins' number trade.

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