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Villanova Basketball's next head coach: Andy Talley?

The Villanova football coach has posited that, perhaps, the basketball sideline is the place he'd like to be.

Chris Trotman

As Andy Talley hopes to win his 200th game at Villanova this weekend against Penn, he couldn't help but to suggest that, perhaps, he could make as good a basketball coach as he does in football. Chatting with Penn head coach Al Bagnoli and a group of reporters this week, the septuagenarian pigskin coach posited that the life of a roundball coach is gilded in comparison.

"First of all, a basketball coach - he and I would be great basketball coaches," Talley told "Because we would love to coach 12 kids instead of 100, No. 1. No. 2, we would like to be in Armani suits in 70-degree weather, with no rain, wind or hail. Could you do that?"

"Recruit one or two kids a year," Bagnoli added. "With three guys."

"I think I could do that," Talley said. "How hard is that? And you make 10 times more than what he and I make. Bring on the basketball."

Talley has rarely held back from needling at the Villanova basketball coaching staff over the years, going so far as to playfully-demand a national championship from Jay Wright after winning his own in in Chattanooga. The football coach likely wouldn't ever trade his game day sweatervest for the Armani suits and 70-degree thermostat of the Pavilion, but he certainly won't hesitate to remind anyone who listens about the differences between coaching hoops and football.