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Basketball Practice Starts Today

Al Bello

In an effort to improve the quality of play in the early season, the NCAA has initiated an earlier beginning to official practice for the 2013-14 season.

According to the NCAA...

The rule creates a flexible preseason practice schedule that allows practice days and off days instead of the current schedule that leads to practice occurring every possible day. The more flexible approach provides coaches with the ability to determine how to use practice opportunities.

Starting today, Jay Wright will be able to conduct 30 days of supervised practice with the Villanova Basketball team in the six weeks before their first regular-season game against Lafayette on November 8th. Coaches are limited to spread 20 hours of practice time over 6 days each week.

In the past, practice began roughly four weeks before the regular season forcing coaches to hold "two-a-days" increasing the likelihood of injury due to rushing. The extended pre-season could resolve early-season injuries while also offering the possibility of "peaking" too soon or causing exhaustion later in the season.

Excited? Villanova's first exhibition is in just over 5 weeks, the regular season starts in 6!

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