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ESPN Looks at Hardship Transfers, cites Tony Chennault


ESPN's excellent Dana O'Neil published an insightful article tackling the "Hardship Waiver" topic in college sports. She questions how the NCAA is able to make the correct determination of a student-athletes suffering, and proposes a solution on how all cases should be handled (no games played for 1 year).

She does go on to tell the story of rising Villanova senior Tony Chennault who was granted a hardship waiver a year ago and was immediately available to play after transferring from Wake Forest following his sophomore year. The story quotes 'Nova head coach Jay Wright and displays the positive benefits of the waiver on student athletes.

Chennault moved back to the Philadelphia area to be with his ailing mother, but Tony's presence was even greater in need to his family as his step brother, and father figure, was murdered in senseless killing in May 2012.

What do you think? Should Chennault have been better off if he used 2012-13 to focus on his family? Was basketball a good distraction? What do you think of O'Neil's proposition for not allowing players to play in games or travel?

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