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Closest to the Pin Round 4: DePaul

The VUHoops Crowd sweeps Vegas in this round.



RESULTS:  With the Cat's dominating 88-62 win vs. DePaul, we congratulate seven VUHoops readers who earned points in this game:

  1. novanation63 (Nova 87, DePaul 65) awarded 5 points
  2. Kantcant (Nova 87, DePaul 65) awarded 5 points
  3. NovaDave (Nova 92, DePaul 61) awarded 3 points
  4. NovaEngineer (Nova 90, DePaul 65) awarded 3 points
  5. Lahey (Nova 86, DePaul 66) awarded 1 point
  6. villanovakevin14 (Nova 86, DePaul 58) awarded 1 point
  7. Wildcat91 (Nova 89, DePaul 67) awarded 1 point

VUHOOPS vs. VEGAS:  Based on the average predicted scores of the VUHoops Crowd and the posted Vegas line, we would have had a DOUBLE-WIN by taking ‘Nova giving 17 points (WIN) and betting the OVER (WIN).  After four rounds, we would be up $400.


Player Points
NovaDave 6
novanation63 6
BosshogHazzard 5
Kantcant 5
pacAdam 5
speedracer33 5
Villanovafan152 5
Ed Dechellis 3
jwscones 3
Nova'85 3
novAbrasion 3
NovaEngineer 3
sjkqw 3
Wildecat15 3
BrendanColliton 1
Jack The Tripper 1
Lahey 1
Mike J 1
Novabrasion2 1
tk1434 1
villanovakevin14 1
Wildcat91 1
Zachary Rahn 1

UPDATE (January 18, Tip-off, 4:00 PM) ... Here's the sentiment of 'Nova fans so far in this round of the Contest:

# Reader Predictions: 42

% Picking Cats to Win: 98%

Wisdom of VUHoops' Crowd Prediction:

o   Spread: Villanova -18.0

o   Over/Under: 154

o    Final Score: Cats 86 - Blue Demons 68

Vegas Odds Makers' Prediction:

o   Spread: Villanova -17.0

o   Over/Under: 142.5

o    Final Score: Cats 80 - Blue Demons 63



Window Opening (January 17th, 9:00 AM): The window is now open for our readers to post their predicted final scores for Saturday's game vs. DePaul in the fourth round of the Closest to the Pin Contest. There is little doubt that this is a magical season when BosshogHazzard, the master of irrational exuberance, sits atop the leader board.  Joining Boss with 5 points are pacAdam, speedracer33 and Villanovafan152.  Click HERE to see the full leader board and HERE to see the official contest rules.

Villanova (15-1, 4-0 conference) is ranked #6 in the AP Poll, #3 in the RPI and #21 SOS. The Cats average 80.9 PPG while giving up an average of 65.6 PPG.

DePaul (10-8, 2-3 conference) is unranked in the AP Poll, ranked #95 in the RPI and #58 SOS. The Blue Demons average 72.8 PPG while giving up an average of 72.3 PPG. DePaul rides into Philly with the tailwind of two straight BEC wins against Butler (by five points) and St. John's (by two points).  Their other three BEC games have been losses against Georgetown (by seven points), Marquette (by ten points) and Creighton (by 19 points).

Enter your predicted final score in the comments section in the format: Nova xx, DePaul yy. Good luck to you all!