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Catching Up with the 'Cats: Week 9

It was an exciting week for Villanova alumni in the NBA! Read on to find out who was making noise in the big leagues!


Randy Foye

Randy Foye's shooting woes finally caught up to him this past week, as he was relegated to coming off the bench for two games; he logged 10 and 7 minutes against the Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Pelicans, respectively.

The former Villanova star bounced back though, as he scored 11 points in only 14 minutes against the Grizzlies. According to, Foye kept his usual team-first attitude during his brief stint on the bench. "It's not about me. It's about the team and what is going to help the team." Doesn't that attitude remind you of a certain Wildcat team we're watching this year?

That benching seems to have woken Foye up. He started against both the Heat and the 76ers, scoring just above a 12 average and dishing out 6 assists in each contest. He also helped create this nasty throw-down. Perhaps most importantly, Foye's minutes are back up into the mid-thirties. It appears as if Randy's starting job is safe once again.

Kyle Lowry

What more can this man do?? The Toronto Raptors star point guard dropped another huge stat line on the New York Knicks on the night of the 28th: 32 points, 11 dimes, and 8 rebounds to round out his performance. Check out the full highlights here.

Despite his stellar play on court, Lowry's future with the Raptors remains murky. This Sports Illustarted article does a great job of summarizing Toronto's dilemma. Do they follow through with their attempted tank-job and sell off their remaining assets? Or do they take a run at the putrid Eastern Conference playoff picture? Once this question is answered, Lowry's fate will be decided. Until then, all Kyle has to do is keep performing on the court.

Dante Cunningham

Dante must have gone to bed before the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, as he put in one of his best performances of the year yesterday on the 1st. The Timberwolves forward notched a very solid 10 point, 4 rebound, and 1 block mark against the Pelicans. But oh, was that block pretty:

Maalik Wayns

Wayns continues to rehab his torn meniscus, a task that has taken longer than expected. The good news: Maalik Wayns has been activated!

Could that return date, however, spell disaster for his season? According to this Clips Nation article, it just might. Apparently, as Marc Stein reported, Wayns' contract might not be guaranteed at the January 10th deadline.

To sum up the article, if Maalik was injured and the Clippers tried to waive his contract, it would be automatically guaranteed after the new collective bargaining agreement was signed. But if Wayns is deemed healthy before that date, he can be waived at no cost to the team. With Wayns active, it could be make or break time for the guard in LA.

Maurice Sutton

Sutton only played in one game over the past week. The Tulsa 66er's center netted 9 points and ripped down 3 boards against the Austin Toros. Big Mo' keeps plugging away in his D-League efforts, but his minutes are not enough to get any serious consideration from an NBA franchise at this point. But on the brightside, do yourself a favor and check out Sutton's headshot. That is why it'll never stop being


Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great Holiday season!