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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for January 22, 2014

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring being humbled, believing in the greater great, and Dogecoin.

Huuuuump Daaaaay! As you'll see there are a couple of Creighton-related articles below. Don't worry though, it's less about Creighton and more about welcoming back a long lost foe into our media coverage, and giving some props to one of our contributors who got picked up by the mothership.

Forgive me.

And now, the "news."

Humbling loss to Creighton puts Villanova in its place |
There's the Philly media we all know and love. Missed you guys!

Villanova team believing in something bigger than themselves | FOX Sports on MSN
Painted on the wall inside the practice facility of the nation's fourth-ranked team are three phrases: "Play Hard. Play Together. Play Smart." What I want to know is how they missed the opportunity to use "For The Greater Great" here? But thank you Fox, for finally writing something about us.

Re-formed Big East has an identity, but not much glamor |
Villanova, Creighton and Xavier are good, but the conference sorely misses the star power of Syracuse and Louisville

Wichita State Coach Gregg Marshall had some words about Villanova during yesterday's MVC Teleconference:

Creighton, Ethan Wragge forgot how to miss 3s against Villanova |
"Ethan Wragge believes the floor inside of the arc is made of lava." The bigger news to note here is our good friend Jordan Sperber getting into the article with a tweet!

Internet Raises $30,000 In Dogecoins To Send Jamaican Bobsleigh Team To The Winter Olympics | BuzzFeed
Such donation! Very charity!