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Behind Enemy Lines: Casual Hoya talks Georgetown basketball

Just how bad is it to be a Georgetown fan right now? Casual Hoya let us know.

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As has become custom around these parts, we caught up with the proprietor of SB Nation's Georgetown Hoyas blog, Casual Hoya. The proprietor's name? CasualHoya. Either he's got a massive ego (likely) or he's not at all creative (also fairly likely).

We discussed the Josh Smith situation, the new Big East, the power of the walk-on, and much more during this hard-hitting interview.

VU Hoops: Is this season fun or what?!

Casual Hoya: So much fun! And if it's fun for me, just imagine how fun it is for John Thompson III who, as Georgetown was whipping Syracuse twice last season, could close his eyes and imagine a team of Josh Smith, Otto Porter, Greg Whittington, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera and Markel Starks this year. Think that team would have lost to fucking Seton Hall? It's also real fun for the Hoyas fanbase, who so desperately needed something...ANYTHING to help get rid of the memory of FGCU and instead now stares blankly at Nate Lubick shooting airballs and former walk-on John Caprio getting major minutes. Everything is horrible. So yes, tons of fun. Did know that kerosene actually goes down pretty smooth?

VU Hoops: Josh Smith, failed experiment or do you think he'll be back?

Casual Hoya: It's a failed experiment...for now. Smith was really Georgetown's only hope this season as our frontcourt is nothing short of horrid and without him we are doomed. To his credit, I think Smith made an effort to get in shape while at Georgetown and the conditioning issue wasn't really one that hindered him. What bugged me more about Smith was his on-court demeanor, as he played with very little emotion. I can only assume that this attitude carried over into the classroom which is why he's in the situation he's in. Whether he's back next season is really going to be up to him, and I'm not sure what options he really has at this point. He is practicing with the team which is a good sign since he's still enrolled at the school, but if some team in Uzbekistan offers him some cash to play over there next season, that may be where ends up. Sad, really. Also, Dan Dakich can eat a bag of dicks.

VU Hoops: How has former Villanova target Reggie Cameron looked thus far?

Casual Hoya: Eh, not bad, not great. He's shown signs of being a deadly spot-up shooter, but he hasn't yet shown the ability to create off the dribble and seems a tad slow-footed. The injury to Jabril Trawick has been a positive in that it has gotten Cameron some minutes at the 3 spot, and watching him develop over the rest of the season is one of the only things Hoyas fans have left to look forward to.

VU Hoops: Since you've played all of the newcomers, who do you hate the most and why?

Casual Hoya: You. We've beaten Butler and lost to Xavier and Creighton, and none of those games made me hate the newbies. I guess the closest I got to hate was Xavier since they seem like jerks and the name Semaj pisses me off, but that's really it. Oh, that Skyline chili they eat in Cincinnati is ridiculous, so yeah, Xavier is my answer.

VU Hoops: Any chance the Hoyas can get into the NCAA Tournament on their resume alone, or do they need to win in New York?

Casual Hoya: If you look at the rest of the Hoyas schedule, there are probably 2 or 3 games that Georgetown might be favored in. Based on that, I'll go ahead and suggest right now that the Hoyas are going to need to win the Big East Tournament to make the Dance. Crazier things have happened I suppose, and since I don't really think there's any team in the Big East that Georgetown absolutely has no chance against I'm planning to be at MSG for the week-long soiree this year.

VU Hoops: Will we see Markel Starks and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera combine for 50 shots in a game this year?

Casual Hoya: If it were up to me they'd combine for 50 shots in every single game we have left. Dude, you haven't lived until you've watched game after game of the fearsome triumvirate of Mikael Hopkins, Moses Ayegba and Nate Lubick consistently miss shots from 2 feet away from the rim. Like real consistently. Honestly, I think this season has taken years off my life, which isn't all that casual since I have a 1 year old who is going to need me as he gets older. The one benefit of have the season basically be over before February is that I can relax until next fall. You don't have that luxury, sucker.

VU Hoops: Is John Caprio being underutilized?

Casual Hoya: This question made me angry, not so much because you're poking fun of my team playing a walk-on in every game, but moreso that you shouldn't even know who John Caprio is. For example, I have no idea of any who the guys at the end of your bench are. This question makes me want to do drugs and go on a long bender. Wanna come along for the ride?

VU Hoops: I liked this question so I'm stealing it. Let's say you and I are hanging out and go to a bar. What drink are you ordering to start it off?

Casual Hoya: If we're meeting up to watch a game or something during the day, I'll order a nice Stella to relax (but it has to come in the Stella glass), then transition to harder stuff, first a vodka with some sort of juice mixer (been partial to grapefruit of late for the nice citrus), and as the night rolls on make the move to whiskey, which I drink on the rocks with a splash of soda. You should also know that I hate pubs, which I find are a huge waste of time. I need bars where there's action, if you know what I mean.

VU Hoops: What member of Georgetown's recruiting class can't get on campus fast enough?

Casual Hoya: ALL OF THEM DAMMIT ALL OF THEM. I'm not sure how familiar you are with our Top 100 recruits Isaac Copeland, Paul White, L.J Peak or Tre Campbell, but all have a chance to start next season. This recruiting class is the reason why Hoyas fans haven't killed themselves, which may sound like an exaggeration except it isn't.

VU Hoops: Final score prediction?

Casual Hoya: Hoyas 67 - Nova 65 because Georgetown is due to win a game sooner or later. I have no reason to justify that outcome, but whatever.