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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for January 29, 2014

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring awesome tee-shirts, a great new blog, and a midseason assessment of the Big East.

Huuuuuump Daaaaaay! I met a friend from my hometown last week who went to Georgetown. He wasn't exactly Sad Scott, but let's just say that we ruined his entire week, if not his entire month. Whenever you can do that to a Georgetown grad, it is a success. No questions asked.

And now, the "news."

This Jay Wright tee is awesome | Crossing Broad
So our good friend Kyle Scott from Crossing Broad (you remember the place where the commenters hate Villanova?) sent us a heads up that they've launched a new tee-shirt that is a screen print of our fearless leader throwing up the "V for Victory." I urge you buy one, they're pretty dope. And don't forget the 10% off code - NOVA

When Jay Wright Came Close to Leaving Villanova… | The Bench Mob
I didn't even read the article. I'm just way to excited that this is a new blog.

Feed Chef | VU Hoops

The Big East at the Halfway Point: Part Two | Banners On The Parkway
Part one is linked inside, but don't bother. It's about the crap of the conference. From our Xavier friends, a nice look at the top half of the conference and where we we stand halfway through the season.

Jalen Reynolds Suspended Indefinitely | Banners On The Parkway
Xavier's freshman big earns a brief hiatus in the middle of a season he has struggled to stamp his mark on. The rumors suggest an academic issue, but don't get too excited - he wasn't yet a major role player on the X squad.