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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for October 1, 2014

Today's links include Scholarship winners, NCAA trolling, a bad joke, the beginning of college hoops and more!

Good morning Nova Nation! Wednesday's aren't so bad, really, and it's October already! MLB is hitting its postseason stride, football season is in full-swing, and college hoops practice will start any-day now. Not to mention all of the candy and pumpkins and such that this month ushers back in. There's a lot going on! So, while Chris is busy rubbing elbows and clinking glasses, we've got some business to attend to . . .

And now, the "news."

Two high school students receive Villanova scholarships |
Anthony B. Freay from Bergen Catholic High School and Erika M. Llivicota from St. Vincent Academy have been named O'Toole Family Presidential Scholars, and will receive money to attend Villanova University for four years, the school announced.

ESPN's Andrew Brandt Really Needs A New Twitter Joke | Deadspin
ESPN's Andrew Brandt is also Villanova law professor Andrew Brandt (thanks to Jeffrey Moorad's cash infusion). Maybe Fr. Peter and the theatre department can help him with his comedic chops?

Report: Seth Greenberg & Jay Williams to join College GameDay | Awful Announcing
Later today ESPN will announce the addition of college basketball analysts Jay Williams & Seth Greenberg to the set of College GameDay replacing the retiring Digger Phelps & NBA analyst Jalen Rose on set.

UCLA makes big changes to its student section |
The Bruins are trying to emulate the intimidation factor at places like Duke, Florida, Michigan State and Ohio State.

Study by Villanova, Rutgers professors shows video games may actually reduce violence | Main Line Times
A new study, a collaboration by Villanova and Rutgers professors, shows that video games may actually reduce violence. Take that, everyone-who-said-I-shouldn't-have-played-Mortal-Kombat-as-a-kid!

Alleged U.Va. Abductor Accused of Rape at Christian College | The Daily Beast
When Jesse Matthew -- a former Liberty University defensive lineman -- was accused of rape 12 years ago, did Liberty make it too hard to prosecute him? And did that contribute to the Sept. 13 disappearance of Hannah Graham?

Kentucky’s John Calipari hired a director of statistical analytics this summer | CollegeBasketballTalk
John Calipari's loaded roster has required a new position on the Kentucky staff. This is the sort of thing that Buzz Williams would probably do, if he wasn't so into doing it himself.

Kansas State college basketball preview: Marcus Foster enters the spotlight |
The SB Nation Mothership is beginning their Top 25 Countdown. Hold your breath, because they'll get around to Villanova too.

Adweek Hot List Readers' Choice Awards - Digital | Adweek
Oh Hey! SB Nation is leading the "Hottest in Sports" category. Want to add another vote? [Editor's Note: This was obviously a Chris Lane link. Who else reads Adweek?]

FCC unanimously votes to eliminate sports blackout rules | The Verge
Unfortunately, the NFL's private blackout rules remain in place, but hey -- at least this is a step toward the game being on TV when you want it there.

Kentucky Offers Isaiah Briscoe |
Oh hey... Calipari just entered the Briscoe party. [Editor's Note: Yay?]

College basketball's preseason crunch ends as real season push begins | ESPN
Dana O'Neil on how tweaked NCAA rules will allow many hoops programs to start practice as soon as this week. Midnight Madness is dead (and some VCU references).

6th Annual Excellence in Management Cup |
If you ignore the fact that they awarded the Big East title to Denver (a one-sport member), the results of this study were still strange. DePaul is the best-managed athletics department at a full-member of the Big East. Let THAT sink in. (Villanova comes in second at 22nd overall).