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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for October 16, 2014

Daily Villanova links.

Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! Plenty of Villanova-related basketball news has started to drop this week as all the major outlets continue to preview both their Top 25's and all of the conferences. We here at VU Hoops are just about finished with our own BIG EAST preview which should drop in the next couple of days.

Just under 3 weeks until Northwood, but more importantly, just 8 days until Hoops Mania!

And now, the "news."

Villanova Wildcats senior JayVaughn Pinkston all grown up | ESPN
Villanova's JayVaughn Pinkston has endured several off-court issues that have helped him mature into a senior leader for the Wildcats.

Villanova Wildcats: Are They The Big East Team To Beat?
The Villanova Wildcats were the suprise Big East regular season winners last year and are now the favorites to take their second straight crown.

Big East Preview | ESPN ($)
"Stranger things have happened than Nova not winning it. (But they will.)"

10 candidates for college basketball's breakout players |
Our good friends Markus Kennedy and Rysheed Jordan make the list. No mention of Josh Hart, which should bode well.

How Rebounds Work | Grantland
New cameras are teaching us more about where missed shots land than ever before.

Ball State Football Players Allegedly Involved In "Poo Dollar" Prank
The "poo dollar" is a prank in which a person--likely a teen because teens are the absolute worst--wipes their ass with a dollar and then leaves it on the ground so that an unsuspecting mark will them come and pick it up and get poop all over their hand. According to police, three Ball State football players and their shit-eating friends pulled a much meaner version of the "poo dollar" prank on a waitress last weekend.

UEFA must learn its lesson from Serbia-Albania violence |
A drone trailing the flag of Greater Albania flew over Partizan Stadium as Serbia and Albania played their Euro 2016 qualifier. The resulting violence was sadly predictable, yet UEFA took no steps to keep the two countries in separate groups.

A Pennsylvania Mansion—Gargoyles and Mermaids Included | WSJ
Pat Croce, former president of the Philadelphia 76ers, is auctioning off his Villanova estate...