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Villanova institutes Digital Ticket Transfer System

Villanova used Jay Wright to espouse the benefits of a new Digital Ticket Transfer System that the University will be using this season.

With the Digital Ticket Transfer System, season ticket holders can transfer tickets to a friend, to the Villanova Ticket Office, or list for sale on a secondary market.

This functionality is a result of Villanova extending its relationship with Paciolan- the leading provider of ticketing, marketing, fundraising and sales automation solutions in college athletic. Via a news release, the ticketing site will enable Villanova Athletics to efficiently sell tickets through the 'Pick Your Own Seat' map feature in a secure environment. Season Ticket Holders will also now have the ability to manage their accounts online.

Although not mentioned specifically, but alluded to, in the video, Paciolan also provides a scanning solution that "allows fans the ability to print tickets at home and bypass will call lines for a seamless game-day experience." That digital feature also enables electronic delivery of tickets and display via mobile devices.

All in all, the University is hoping that tickets land in the hands of fans. Hopefully, this will provide a greater opportunity and access of tickets for games at The Pavilion (and the Wells Fargo Center).

Interested in seeing the documentation Season Ticket Holders got? Here you go [PDF].