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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for October 8, 2014

Daily Villanova links.

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Huuuuuuuuump Daaaaaaaay! One day closer to basketball season, that's what you have to keep telling yourself at this point. The football team is kicking ass and taking names (the one this weekend could reach epic proportions) so it's hard to distract yourself with that.

Still over a month away from the first real action of the season - that's so long that I'm going to talk myself into the Northwood and Nyack games counting.

And now, the "news."

Cherry Leads Villanova Defense |
The Inquirer's Marc Narducci reports on Villanova linebacker Don Cherry, who has been the leader of the Wildcats' defense this season.

Traffic engineer testifies at Villanova conditional use hearing | Main Line Media News
While residents fear additional traffic on already clogged roadways from a large redevelopment project that’s in the works for Villanova University, traffic engineer Frank Tavani insisted that traffic would not increase because more students would be living in new dormitories rather than commuting.

College basketball rankings: Introducing T-Rank | Bucky's 5th Quarter
A projection of all 351 college basketball teams, plus a sneak peak into the Big Ten race. 2014-15 Preseason All-American basketball teams |
It is rare for not a single Associated Press First-Team All-American, Second-Team All-American or Third-Team All-American to return to college the following season.

2014-15 Season Preview: College Coaches on the Hot Seat | CollegeBasketballTalk
Every season, a few college coaches find themselves on the Hot Seat as the season begins. Can they win themselves off in 2014-15? No Jay Wright, but 3 BIG EAST coaches are on the list.

Voice of Philadelphia sports, broadcaster Bill Campbell dies at 91 |
Bill Campbell, a broadcaster who covered some of the greatest moments in Philadelphia sports history, died Monday at Cooper University Hospital in Camden. He was 91, and his career touched parts of nine decades.

Marquette's Al McGuire Center gets a facelift | Journal Sentinel
[PICS] Upon his hiring Steve Wojciechowski appreciated the building's value as one of college basketball's better training facilities, but he also noted that it had become dated. Six months later, Wojciechowski's priority to have the Al's all-sports weight room, men's basketball locker room and men's basketball practice gym totally renovated is virtually complete.

The tragic story of Daisha Simmons' blocked transfer request from Alabama to Seton Hall | Swish Appeal
A timeline of events of Daisha Simmons' blocked transfer attempt from Alabama to Seton Hall as compiled by speaking with a combination of Simmons and those close to her.

Craig Robinson joins ESPN as analyst |
Craig Robinson, the former Oregon State coach and President Barack Obama's brother-in-law, is joining ESPN as a college basketball analyst.

Utah Jazz sign 5-year-old cancer patient and help him dunk during game | FOX Sports
Copying the Seattle Sounders FC, the Utah Jazz signed 5-year-old JP Gibson to a one-day contract and held a press conference to announce the acquisition.

#LongForm: Thirteen Ways of Looking at Greg Maddux |
On the mastery of Greg Maddux, the tragedy of losing a best friend, and how the two will be forever connected.