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Villanova Athletic Fund's "Pledge per Win" Program

Let's start with $2 per win.
Let's start with $2 per win.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Are you looking for a fun way to support the Villanova Basketball program? The Villanova Athletic Fund is promoting a "Pledge per Win" Program. The idea is simple...

  1. Pledge an amount for each 'Nova victory
  2. Watch the Wildcats this season and cheer them on
  3. At the end of the season multiply your pledge by the number of Villanova Victories
  4. Smile knowing you did good.

The Villanova Athletic Fund directly benefits our exceptional student-athletes and dedicated coaches, and provides players the full Villanova experience, in competition, in the classroom and in the community. The fundraising efforts for Villanova Athletics are an integral part of the University Advancement program and the University's overall fundraising efforts to support the Villanova Strategic Plan.

The Campaign's priorities are Facilities (including The Pavilion), an Athletic Endowment, and Annual Support.

Even a $1 or $2 pledge can make a difference.

So, who's in?