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Jay Wright Style Watch: Maryland-Eastern Shore

We go Zapruder for the UMES #SuitWatch...

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

An amazing benefit of being a part of SB Nation is our access to photos from USA Today an Getty Images. However, the national photogs didn't make it to The Pavilion on Monday for Villanova's game, because Maryland- Eastern Shore. So, no professional shots (even the gallery has no shots) of Jay Wright are out there to facilitate the newest addition to the #SuitWatch series. In their stead, we have scoured the interwebs to maintain out commitment to Jay Wright's style, with a Zapruder-quality analysis.

It was the second home game of the Villanova Wildcats' 2014-15 season, but the first at The Pavilion. As expected, head coach Jay Wright dressed for the occasion.

UPDATED: Coach Wright went with a charcoal suit for the Wildcats' return to their on-campus lair. The 3-buttoned suit featured sets of three pinstripes in varying hues of grey to provide a contrast.

Wright matches the suit with a light-blue shirt and a blue tie with a mini-pattern. Surprisingly, Coach opted out of a suit pocket accessory.