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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for November 19, 2014

Daily Villanova links.

Huuuuuuump Daaaaaaaaay! So that whole Payton Pritchard thing didn't work out. Oh well, on to the next one. I'm a huge fan of his game and would have been thrilled if he was a Wildcat, but there are more important positions to fill in 2016.

We'll have our Bucknell preview dropping today, as well as continued coverage of this weekend's football game vs. Delaware.

And now,the "news."

Jalen Brunson makes the USA TODAY All-American team | USA Today High School Sports | USA Today High School Sports
21 players were selected to the team - this is a pretty good sign that Brunson should be in contention for the McDonald's All-American game.

Now Or Never: A Call to Action | The Bench Mob
Despite having one of their better seasons in recent history, attendance has declined from last season.

Villanova Set to Face Rival Delaware |
Villanova would likely earn a first round playoff bye if the Wildcats are able to win Saturday at rival Delaware. The Inquirer's Marc Narducci previews the game.

Delaware Wraps Up Season Saturday Against Villanova | CBS Philly
Dave Brock has high praise for Villanova, who he considers to be one of the best teams in the country, led by one of the best players in the country.

Phil Martelli's Grandson Is Still An Adorable Mini-Basketball Coach | Deadspin
So, it's St. Joe's (PA)... not usually a hot topic for VU Hoops readers to fawn over, but despite coaching one of our least-favorite teams in college, Martelli sure has an adorable grandson. Good for him.

Arizona State is going D1 in hockey, so why isn't Buffalo? | Bull Run
Ok they are putting an NCAA hockey team in Arizona (insert cold day in hell joke here), and SB Nation's Bull Run blog wants to know what University of Buffalo (currently being buried under about 30 feet of snow) is waiting for.

CFL practice was so cold, the balls froze and popped |
So, perhaps we've found the point at which football shouldn't be played. -18 Celsius, if you were wondering.

Youth Basketball Coach Accused of Molestation | NBC 6 South Florida
At least seven children were molested by their former basketball coach in a horrifying story from a Florida high school.

When we were small: Under Armour | The Washington Post
Kevin Plank turned an idea on the football field into a basement upstart — then into a multibillion-dollar firm. They're now a major player in athletic equipment, and play a huge role in the recruitment of top basketball prospects.

Dave Chappelle thinks Donald Sterling should've kept ownership of Clippers | Sporting News
"Ultimately, I don’t think he should have lost his team," Chappelle said. "I don’t like the idea that someone could record a secret conversation and that a person could lose their assets from that, even though I think what he said was awful.

Activists Sue Harvard and UNC For Discriminating Against Asians | Businessweek
The lawsuit alleges Harvard and UNC illegally limited admissions for Asian Americans. The suit compares Harvard’s use of race in admissions with quota systems that universities used to justify limiting admissions to Jewish students in the 1920s.