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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for November 7, 2014

Daily Villanova links.

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TGIF 'Nova Nation! You may notice that this morning's post has a different image - please direct your compliments to reader Nick who emailed me several shots that fit the theme of our beloved morning post because he was sick and tired of the mug shot that MikeJ. took a while back.

Okay so he didn't say that last part. But seriously, love that photo.

And now, the "news."

Villanova has major plans for Pavilion upgrades |
The most creative nickname for Villanova's 30-year-old Pavilion? The Ski Lodge. That's not a compliment. And Villanova wants the Pavilion to undergo an extreme makeover - becoming bigger, brighter and bolder.

Robertson is carrying Villanova in his junior campaign |
Andy Talley made sure there were no qualifiers. When the Villanova football coach talked about redshirt junior quarterback John Robertson, Talley unleashed unabashed praise. "He's one of the best quarterbacks in America right now and would start for almost anybody in the country," Talley said. "Nobody can run like him and he's really accurate."

Villanova star scarred by cocaine on positive path | USA Today
"I forgot about all the people that loved me just because I was Gary McLain, not because I was," he said, now mimicking a baritone announcer's voice, "MVP of the one of the most exciting games in college history."

2014-15 NCAA Basketball Preview: The Big East
Former Ohio State walk-on and general troublemaker Mark Titus supplies this preview of the Big East. He doesn't consider the Big East a mid-major (that's good), and thinks Villanova is totally the best -- so enjoy the reading material.

Football set to face defending runner-up at home | The Villanovan
After a tough road loss this past weekend against the Richmond Spiders, the Wildcats’ football team will look to get back to its winning ways this Saturday at home against conference foe Towson.

Villanova With Key CAA Matchup vs. Towson on Saturday | CBS Philly
The Villanova Wildcats are rebounding from a loss for just the second time this season as they get ready to host CAA foe Towson on Saturday night.

Taney Dragons to open Special Olympics at Villanova |
The Taney Dragons Little League team will be on hand for the opening ceremonies of the 26th Special Olympics Fall Festival, held at Villanova University starting Friday night.

University Strengthens Ties to Ireland with Visit from Irish Senator | VU Media Room
Villanova University continues to strengthen its partnership with Ireland with a visit Nov. 10 from Fiach MacConghail, Irish Senator and Director of the Abbey Theatre, the National Theatre of Ireland.

Concern over future of UAB program growing | CollegeFootballTalk
In a letter written by the UAB Football Foundation and addressed to UAB President Ray Watts, the UAB booster program expressed concerns about head coach Bill Clark not having a contract beyond 2016 and the football program not having any future games scheduled beyond 2016.