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Jay Wright Style Watch: Delaware

Why didn't Jay go with three-pieces on Sunday?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Wright and the Villanova Wildcats returned to Philly to take the court against Delaware on Sunday after playing two games in Brooklyn last week.

Although, the Cat's weren't on campus, they used the Blue Hens to test game-day logistics at the Wells Fargo Center; Villanova's South Philly home. The NBA arena also brings out Jay Wright's best.

The 'Nova head coach bucked his season trend as he commanded the sidelines on Sunday.

Three Pieces? Nope.
Three Buttons? Negative.

For the basketball version of the "Battle of the Blue" Wright went with a two-piece, two buttoned brown suit that featured alternating stripes of light blue and light brown. Underneath the jacket and vest, he sported a brown and navy broadstripe shirt with double-barrel cuffs as well as a primary brown tie with small light blue and white shapes.

He finished the look off with a light-blue pocket-square.

What makes this ensemble unique? Well (sans the color of the pocket-square), Coach Wright wore the same outfit for Senior Day last February, but with a vest.

What do you think about Jay's look? Why do you think he discarded the vest for Delaware?