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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats News & Links for December 10, 2014

Daily Villanova links... Curling, 'Dude Quotient,' Penn students protest, more realignment, and transfers!

Hump day! I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed Villanova's victory over Illinois last night. The 'Cats were in the undercard at MSG, but the game was definitely exciting with Nova looking dominant at times, and allowing their Big Ten opponent to crawl back into it at times.

It was a fun one.

If you're in New York City today, you'll be joined on the island of Manhattan by Villanova President Fr. Peter Donohue, it seems. The former theater professor won't be there to take in a show, however.

And now, the "news". . .

This is your annual reminder that Villanova is ranked top-10 in CURLING |
Is it time for Villanova to transition curling to a varsity level sport?

Trent Dilfer’s Brilliant ‘Dude Quotient’ Theory of Quarterbacks | Maxim
I wonder how much 'Dude Quotient' John Robertson has...

Louisville, Villanova roll during Jimmy V Classic | NY Daily News
The Big Ten’s big day at Madison Square Garden didn’t end all that well. The conference announced on Tuesday a landmark agreement with the iconic arena that will put the 2018 Big Ten conference tournament on its big stage the week before the Big East holds its annual grand finale there. Then, a couple hours later, the Big Ten’s two entries in the Jimmy V Classic faded late and lost.

Villanova men's basketball team runs away and hides from Illinois, winning 73-59 |
Villanova has a few rough moments, but in the end, Illinois can't keep up with the Wildcats, who win 73-59 in the Jimmy V Classic.

Villanova goes 3-0 in New York |
It was already Villanova's third game this season in the city that never doses off, which is as many as the seventh-ranked Wildcats have played at the Pavilion. Last month, they beat two ranked teams in Brooklyn in 24 hours.

Instant Replay: No. 7 Villanova 73, Illinois 59 | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
On Tuesday night, No. 7 ranked Villanova stayed perfect, beating Illinois, 73-59, at the famed Madison Square Garden in the Jimmy V Classic.

Villanova Readies For Familiar Face In FCS Quarterfinals | CBS Philly
“I think it’s pretty much the same stuff that he’s run in the past,” Talley says. “Only he’s running a little more option because he has a quarterback (Jared Johnson) that’s (close to) a 1,000-yard rusher.”

Protesters take over Gutmann's holiday party | The Daily Pennsylvanian
Penn students took over Penn President Amy Gutmann’s annual holiday party on Tuesday night, demanding that the University pay money to support Philadelphia schools.

If the Big 12 expands, which teams should it add? | Dallas Morning News
Speculation about the Big 12 expanding from 10 teams to 12 heated up over the weekend after TCU and Baylor were shut out of the College Football Playoff.

The Big 12 Conference Should Add USF And UCF Before Anyone Else | Voodoo Five
Keep dreamin' the dream, guys!

Q&A with Mark Emmert: 'A seminal moment for college sports' |
"I do believe the next 36 to 48 months are going to be really, really important in the history of college sports and whether college sports survives as we know it today," Emmert said. "It's going to be very dynamic, that's for sure."

Miles Overton to transfer from Wake Forest | City of Basketball Love
"The final possible city school could be Villanova, who doesn’t exactly have a guard like Overton on its roster. The Wildcats’ backcourt next year will consist of seniors Ryan Arcidiacono and Dylan Ennis, junior wing Josh Hart, sophomore point guard Phil Booth and freshmen Jalen Brunson and Donte DiVincenzo. Villanova might have use for Overton the following year, but it’s not clear that it’s an appealing opportunity with all those talented players already there."

Deonte Burton And John Dawson Are Transferring | Anonymous Eagle
The sophomores will leave Marquette men's basketball at the conclusion of finals week.

Can a team succeed on offense alone? | Banners On The Parkway
Xavier is relying more on getting buckets than getting stops this year. When teams have done that in the past, how have they fared? A semi-scientific study of how well offense-dependent teams have fared in the past.