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Jay Wright Style Watch: Illinois

Where we look at what the Villanova coach wore...

Al Bello/Getty Images

The Villanova Wildcats traveled to Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night to play in the Jimmy V. Classic and Jay Wright dressed to the nines for his first trip to Manhattan this season.

In what was arguably his best look of the season, Wright owned the NYC sidelines in a black suit continuing his 2-piece, 3-button pinstripe trend. Additionally, he went with a solid white shirt featuring an inlaid micro-check pattern, pairing it with a black tie containing a trio of white diagonal stripes of equal width.

As 'Nova walked away from Illinois in the second half, the reason for the MSG game wasn't forgotten; Wright and the rest of the staff donned a V Foundation pin on their lapels.

He finished off the look with a barely-visible white pocket square.

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