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Students release teaser, thoughts on "In Transition" documentary

This Saturday at 7:30pm in Villanova's Connelly Cinema Center a group of students will be screening the documentary "In Transition," an in depth-look at former Villanova point guard Tony Chennault's life. Four of the students involved with the making of the film sat down to discuss the film-making process and their end goals with this project.

Interestingly enough, it was Chennault who approached the professor, Steve McWilliams, and students about the idea to share his own life story. He hopes to use the film in conjunction with a new educational module that he can bring to schools in the Greater Philadelphia area to teach kids that basketball can be an outlet, but you should always have a Plan B in life.

Junior Elinore Wright, director of the film, elaborated: "Tony's main message to kids is to use basketball as a vehicle.  He's very upfront with the fact that basketball kept him off the streets as a kid, but he believes it is a vehicle to attain a higher education."

The documentary, part of a 6-credit social justice course, features more than just Tony Chennault. Jay Bilas, Maalik Wayns, Dion Waiters and Larry Brown, to name a few, were all interviewed.

Senior Tom Smith, the film's Director of Photography, said that he has learned a great deal about Tony through the years of knowing him and working on this project. "Tony is completely selfless - he is always trying to help other people." He happens to also be a co-owner of Chennault's production company, 267 Productions. Currently the team is working on the second part of the web series "Oldhead." Simultaneously, one of their other projects has included videotaping the protests that have gone on in Philadelphia.

Senior Nicole Breen, the line producer and editor for the documentary, said she never realized how much of a leader Tony was on and off the court. "You always hear of what he meant to the team with his play, but you never really get what an impact he made overall."

Junior Nick Carney, one of the head writers of the film, said that it is inspiring to see someone who has gone through so much still have such a positive attitude. "All he wants to do is change lives, and that is what we are hoping to help him do with this film."

The trailer to "In Transition" is found here: