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Closest to the Pin Contest Round 2: Temple

The VUHoops Crowd correctly picked the Cats winning this one by a wide margin. Rivaling BossHogHazzard for the title King of Irrational Exuberance, youngBUCK predicted a decisive victory for the Cats by a score of 99 - 1. Speaking of the Boss, he was a bit less exuberant than he was in the St. Joe's game, picking 'Nova to win by only 50 by a score of 104-54. The VUHoops Crowd stomped Vegas by coming closer on both margin of victory and total points scored. We had seven winners in this one. Well played by all!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports


RESULTS: With the Cats dominating the Owls 85-62, we congratulate seven VUHoops readers who earned points in this round.

  1. Noah Thacker (Nova 82, Temple 63) awarded 3 points
  2. SMOKIN JAY WRIGHT (Nova 82, Temple 63) awarded 3 points
  3. villadelphiapa (Nova 82, Temple 64) awarded 2 points
  4. Zxcvbnmmnbvcxz (Nova 81, Temple 63) awarded 2 points
  5. Eberz for 3! (Nova 82, Temple 59) awarded 1 point
  6. Kantcant (Nova 79, Temple 62) awarded 1 point
  7. ryanschock24 (Nova 81, Temple 64) awarded 1 point

The updated leader board after two rounds is provided below.


Player Points
drpainosaurus 3
Noah Thacker 3
kevin.pulsifer 2
speedracer33 2
Sweetness and Light 2
villadelphiapa 2
Zxcvbnmmnbvcxz 2
Eberz for 3! 1
Kantcant 1
NovaKG 1
ryanschock24 1

VUHOOPS vs. VEGAS: Based on the average predicted scores of the VUHoops Crowd and the posted Vegas line, we would have had a DOUBLE-WIN by taking ‘Nova giving 17 points (WIN) and betting the OVER (WIN). After two rounds, we would be even money.

UPDATE (December 14, Game Time) ... Recapped below is the way the VUHoops Crowd sees this one.

# Reader Predictions: 45

% Picking Cats to Win: 100%

Wisdom of VUHoops' Crowd Prediction:

o Spread: Villanova -18.0

o Over/Under: 138.0

o Final Score: Cats 78 - Temple 60

Vegas Odds Makers' Prediction:

o Spread: Villanova -17.0

o Over/Under: 130.5

o Final Score: Cats 74- Temple 57


CTTP Temple '14

Window Opening (December 12): The window is now open for our readers to post their predicted final scores for Sunday's game vs.Temple Owls. The official contest rules are posted HERE.

The table below provides a head-to-head comparison of the two teams.

Nova Temple
Record 9-0 6-3
AP Ranking 7 NR
RPI 19 84
SOS 166 80
Average Points Scored 75.1 62.4
Average Points Allowed 56.1 60.6

Temple's has wins against American University, Louisiana Tech, Pennsylvania, Long Island, LaSalle and Towson. Their losses have come at the hands of Duke, UNLV and St. Joe's.

Enter your predicted final score in the comments section in the format: NOVA xx, Temple yy. Good luck!