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Scout on Dylan Ennis: "He's having a great season on both ends"

Villanova's leading scorer has attracted some national attention after his breakout game against Illinois. Some people are starting to notice his skill set.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Since transferring from Rice, and now scoring the most of anyone on the current team, Dylan Ennis has attracted the eyes of many scouts, inside and outside of the Villanova Pavilion, but especially in his first ten games this season for the Wildcats.

In the Wildcats' last game against Temple, scouts from the Oklahoma City Thunder, two from the Philadelphia 76ers, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Memphis Grizzlies watched Ennis and Villanova, some leaving before the second half began.

One anonymous scout said his season has been great thus far.

"He's having a great season on both ends," the scout said Wednesday night via text message. "Three point shooting is big for his pro prospect. Biggest issue going forward for him will be running the point enough to show that he can make the right reads. He plays too much off the ball, but it works for the team."

Ennis has netted 12.3 points in 10 contests (20th in the Big East) and is shooting 48.9 percent from the field. From deep, Ennis is sixth in the conference shooting an outstanding 45.7 percent while making the fourth most per game behind Seton Hall's Sterling Gibbs, Creighton's Isaiah Zierden, St. John's D'Angelo Harrison.

The 6-foot-2, 22-year old Canadian junior also grabs 4.4 rebounds per game (fourth on the team) and dishes 3.1 assists per contest (second on the team). But the scout said that there would be some concerns from NBA teams in the future when it came to Ennis' size

"His size is of some concern," the scout said. "But he has shown good athleticism to overcome it."

Villanova is heading into it's yearly clash with Syracuse on Saturday and Ennis is coming off a seven-point outing against Temple this week. Head Coach Jay Wright said that the team needed more players to score in big numbers like Ennis did against Illinois earlier this month. If the Wildcats are to win, Ennis will need to play a big role.

But the one thing that doesn't show on the stat sheet was Ennis' best quality and one of Villanova's as well. His perimeter defense has shined this season, and people have taken notice.

"Toughness," the scout answered when asked what his best NBA quality is right now. "Especially on defense."