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Jay Wright Style Watch: NJIT

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It was the last game before Christmas and the penultimate out of conference game for the Villanova Wildcats; of course Jay Wright was going to look good.

For the first time in the 2014-14 season head coach Jay Wright broke out the Three Pieces, and to rudely celebrate, the NJIT Highlanders drained their 3-pointers early in the first half on Tuesday.

Wright may have been T'd up, but his composure and sartorial excellence was on display at The Pavilion as the #7 Wildcats remained undefeated on the season.

The coach's three-piece suit featured a two buttoned brown jacket and vest of alternating stripes of light blue and light brown. Underneath, he sported a brown and navy broadstripe shirt with double-barrel cuffs as well as a primary golden-hue'd tie with small light blue and white shapes.

He finished off the ensemble with a blue-based geometric tie and a light blue pocket square.

VU Hoops #SuitWatch Rating

4.5/5 Esquires: Because, three-pieces.