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Support Villanova Men's Basketball by Playing Closest to the Pin

Here's your chance to financially support Villanova Men's Basketball without writing a check!

Kent Horner/Getty Images

With the in-conference schedule about to begin, we are making some changes to the contest that you're really going to like.

$2.50 Will Be Donated to Villanova Men's Basketball For Every Score Posted ... Yup, for every reader prediction over the final nine games of the CTTP contest, an anonymous alumni donor (known only to Mike) will make a contribution after the season ends of $2.50 per prediction up to a maximum of $5,000.  There is a limit of one prediction per reader per game.  Note: SBNation has no responsibility for satisfying this pledge.  The remaining nine games of the contest are :  Butler (Wed, Dec 31), DePaul (Sat, Jan 10), Xavier (Wed, Jan 14), Creighton (Sun, Jan 25), Marquette (Wed, Feb 04), Georgetown (Sat, Feb 07), Seton Hall (Mon, Feb 16), Providence (Tue, Feb 24), and St. John’s (Sat, Mar 07).

Enhanced Graphics ... Perhaps Stephanie is right that I have too much time on my hands over the holidays, but I have popped open the hood to give our Closest to the Pin graphics a major overhaul.

  • To enhance the readability of the scatter plot, outlier predictions will be shown in the Irrational Exuberance Zone, where Bosshog Hazzard is a charter member.  Excluding outlier predictions increases the size of the scatter plot and makes it easier for old guys like me to read it.
  • The individual reader predictions will be represented in the scatter plot by miniature basketballs rather than simple dots (not a bad trick from an old dog!)
  • A golf flag icon will represent the final score in the scatter plot (this is a closest to the pin contest, after all)
  • A poker chip icon will be be placed in the scatter plot to represent the final score predicted by the Vegas odds makers, as algebraically derived from the posted point spread and over/under.
  • An icon picturing Will-D-Cat Picture With Villanova Fans will be placed in the scatter plot to represent the final score predicted by the VUHoops readers, calculated as the median of all readers' predicted scores

A mock-up of the new graphics  is shown below.  We hope you like the new format.

CTTP Syracuse '14