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Jay Wright Style Watch: La Salle

Did Jay select his tie intentionally?

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Villanova Wildcats started their Philadelphia Big-5 slate on Wednesday night against La Salle and Jay Wright dressed for the occasion.

For the Wildcats' trip to West Olney that saw 'Nova defeat the Explorers, Jay brought out a conservative outfit.

Wright commanded the sidelines of Tom Gola Arena with a return to his renowned three-buttoned look. It was a two-piece black suit that he matched with a light-blue shirt. Wright's neckwear was, however, an interesting choice as he donned a gold-based tie with royal blue diagonal stripes; a very La Salle-esque design.

For the second time this season, Wright didn't sport a pocket square. He also wore the same shoes as he did against Bucknell.

What do you think about Wright's neckwear? Do you think it was intentional?