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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for February 10, 2014

Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring track and field updates, Caroline Coyer, and a very big blast from the past.

Good morning Nova Nation! Here is your cure for that case of the Mondays: Jay Wright has 400 career wins, the Wildcats have just two losses, and there is a LOT of Nova news awaiting today.

If you were listening to Yahoo! Sports Radio this morning, you might have heard Tyler Ricky Tynes talking about some Villanova hoops. He'll be going on with a DePaul radio station again at 3:45pm, so check him out if you're in Chicago.

And now, the "news."

The end of the Holy War? |
Both schools are reportedly removing "Holy War" gear from their shelves.

"The Holy War has been a long standing rivalry, but at the same time, tradition between St. Joe’s and Villanova," said Christina Bachinsky, ’16. "It goes back so many years and we are all proud of our schools and proud to be a part of such a tradition. The fact that there might be plans to stop selling these shirts will definitely upset some students who are die-hard fans. It takes away the schools’ competitive spirit in a small way."

Villanova Wins Fifth in a Row with Road Victory at Seton Hall |
Miss Coyer is quite the baller, it seems, scoring 15 in the 'Cats win over Seton Hall. The Wildcat women have taken their last five.

Vacation is over, classes resume this morning |
Villanova's extended snow day is over, much to the chagrin of our younger readers. At least when you skip class, you'll have power for your Playstation...

The Quest for Cutouts |
I would personally volunteer to check any roll-out signs for obscenity on gamedays if Villanova would get with the program and let these kids be more awesome. These guys have a petition, and they want some support.

Three Wildcats Register Personal Bests at Armory Collegiate Invitational |
Schappert Runs Personal Best Time at Armory Collegiate Invitational
Not too shabby for the Wildcats, with three men and one woman hitting a personal best at the same event. Schappert came in second in the mile with that best, while Harry Warnick had the best finish for the men, coming in 4th in the 5000 Meters.

Wally's Cue: 'sidney! Sidney!' | Sports Illustrated
A blast from the past from Sports Illustrated, weaves a tale from February 1964, and the Wildcats' stingy defense making them the best team in the East. Wally Jones was the master of ceremonies and the focus of the article, which is a must-read or re-read for historical-hoop-heads.