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Bracketology 2014: Creighton knocks Nova down a peg

Every Wednesday until the second week of March, we will take a look at where Villanova is projected to land in the Tournament bracket by some major bracketologists.

Drew Hallowell

Villanova's devastating loss at Creighton didn't sink them too far on the NCAA bracket this week. Two bracketologists kept the 'Cats as a 2-Seed this week, and they fall only one seed in the other two. The 'Cats will surely have a chance to get back up to the 2-line before the end of the season, but finding a way to play with teams built like Creighton will be key to their chances in the postseason.

The Wildcats remain ranked fifth by RPI, holding steady from last week despite the loss. Over the last week the Wildcats have dropped to 9th in the computer rankings, with the 5th-best offensive efficiency and the 25st-best defense in the nation.

On to the Bracketology . . . (All of the brackets this week were updated on Monday, except for the SB Nation Bracket, which was most-recently revised yesterday)

ESPN (Joe Lunardi) - 3 Seed, Buffalo, East Region

Joey Brackets dropped Villanova to a 3-Seed in his East Region, which is headed up by the top-seeded Syracuse Orange. They would open the tournament in Buffalo against Iona of the MAAC, with a game against either UConn (6-Seed) or the winner of an 11-seed Play In Game featuring Richmond and Tennessee.

Other top seeds in ESPN's MSG regional include Michigan State (2-Seed), Iowa State (4-Seed) and UCLA (5-Seed). Pittsburgh and Xavier also line-up for an opening-weekend matchup in this region's 7/10 game.

CBS Sports (Jerry Palm) - 2 Seed, Raleigh, South Region

Palm wasn't scared off by the 'Cats loss at Creighton, keeping them among his 2-Seeds, now playing in the South Region with an opening round meeting with Vermont in Raleigh. Oklahoma (7-Seed) or Missouri (10-Seed) will await the winner of that game.

Top seeds in Palm's West region include Florida (1-Seed), Michigan State (3-Seed), and Texas (4-Seed). Also notable are the potential of meeting with UCLA (6-Seed), or Kentucky (5-Seed).

NBC Sports (Dave Ommen) - 3 Seed, Buffalo, Midwest Region

Well, Ommen still thinks the Wildcats will open the tournament in Buffalo, but he shifts them down one line to the 3-Seed this week and slides them over to the Midwest Region. Now they are lined up to play Western Michigan (14-Seed). The winner would face either UCLA (6-Seed) or Minnesota (11-Seed) in Indianapolis for a chance to advance to the Sweet 16.

Top seeds for Villanova in NBC's bracket include Wichita State (1-Seed), Kansas (2-Seed), and Wisconsin (4-Seed).

SB Nation (Chris Dobbertean) - 2 Seed, Buffalo, East Region

SB Nation shifted Villanova back to the East Region this week, keeping them on the 2-Seed line. That sets them up for a meeting with potential Ivy champions Yale in Buffalo. The winner of that game would take on either UNC (7-Seed) or Missouri (10-Seed).

Other top seeds in Villanova's region include Syracuse (1-Seed), Cincinnati (3-Seed), and Wisconsin (4-Seed). Providence would also be in this region as the 11-Seed if they won a play-in game.

Bracketology Around the Big East

All four bracketologists are giving the Big East at least five entries to the tournament this week, with Providence, Georgetown, and St. John's starting to sneak into the picture. SB Nation is the most optimistic on the Big East, putting 60% of the league into the Dance in their projection. Villanova, Creighton, and Xavier remain the most likely bids for the league, but the other three have yet to see their bubbles burst.

The schools are seeded as follows:

NBC - (2) Creighton, (3) Villanova, (10) Xavier, (11) Providence (12 - Play In) Georgetown

ESPN - (3) Villanova, (3) Creighton, (10) Xavier, (12 - Play In) Providence, (12 Play In) St. John's

SBN - (2) Creighton, (3) Villanova, (11) Georgetown, (11 - Play In) Providence, (11 - Play In) St. John's, (12) Xavier

CBS - (2) Villanova, (3) Creighton, (9) Xavier, (11 - Play In) Providence, (12 - Play In) Georgetown