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St. John's Tailgate Chat

Talk to your fellow VUHoop-ers, meet up, get some pregame chat in.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY S

Hey guys! It's a bright and beautiful morning in Philadelphia! It is always sunny here, right?

If you're tailgating, try to meet up with some of us! I'm not at a specific VUHoops tailgate, but I will be hanging around a bit before the game, and I know a lot of the rest of us will be too. Use the comments section if you guys want to get together.

Some quick pregame chatter:

-Orlando Sanchez will miss today's game due to the birth of his son. So there's that.

-Chris Obekpa is officially medically cleared to play, but Steve Lavin has called him a game-time decision. So we'll see what happens.

Get out there, enjoy the day, enjoy the tailgate, and enjoy the game! See you all inside!