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Villanova allows signs, cutouts, rollouts for 2 games

Mitchell Leff

The Villanova Athletic Department and student government have agreed to allow signs, cutouts and rollouts for Wednesday's Butler game as well as the women's game on March 4th against Marquette according to multiple reports.

Jacob Echoff, the president of Villanova's Augustinian Army, had this to say via email:

Great news everyone! After meeting with people from both Athletics and SGA, there has been a plan put in place to allow signs in the Pavilion. There will be a trial run of this during the men's game against Butler on 2/26 and the women's game against Marquette on 3/4.

We decided the best way to implement this change was to have all signs due the day before each game at 4pm at the SGA Office in Dougherty Hall. After submitting a poster, if it doesn't breach any of the rules it will be approved and stamped by ourselves with the help of SGA. When entering the Butler/Marquette game, there will be a table set up where you enter the student section to pick your sign up. In order to streamline the game-day process, we ask that you include your name on the back of the poster so you can quickly pick it up at the game.

We've included a very simple outline of the type of signs that will not be approved for use. 
-No personal attacks 
-No profanity or explicit content 
-No attacks on a university or the Big East conference in general

That said, we're super excited to see what you guys can come up with! Cutouts, signs, that spinning hypnotizing thing! Remember that this is still just a trial run, future plans will be decided based upon how successful these upcoming games are.

Thanks again to everyone who signed the petition, or supported this in any way.

Go Cats!

More coming tomorrow on VU Hoops.