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Big East Power Rankings

The VU Hoops staff picks the best and the worst of the Big East.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Creighton splits the VU Hoops voters for the top spot in the Conference.

It's not all bad though. Saccoman's lead is shrinking! Pulsifer has pulled to within 1 game with a nice week going 4-5.

Here are the standings heading into this week.

Contestant Wins Tiebreak
rsaccoman2016 18 1
Kevin.Pulsifer 17 2
Brian Ewart 16 3
Chris Lane 13 1
Noah Thacker 13 1
MikeReilly 13 1
Ryan Irwin 11 2
jeremy.menninger 11 0
MikeJ. 8 0
Tyler Ricky Tynes 5 0
Ed Donohue 3 0

This week, we're not picking games...

  • The bigger number: Creighton Assists or DePaul Turnovers
  • Leading rebounder (in Friday & Saturday's 4 games).
  • Team with most Free Throws [Attempted] (in Friday & Saturday's 4 games).
  • Country with most Sochi medals at the end of Sunday 2/9 (3pts)

Staff Picks

Contestant Creighton or DePaul Rebounder Most FTs Country
rsaccoma2016 Creighton Gene Teague Providence USA
kevin.pulsifer Creighton Kadeem Batts Providence Sweden
Brian Ewart Creighton Kadeem Batts Providence Canada
Chris Lane DePaul Matt Stainbrook Providence USA
Noah Thacker Creighton Matt Stainbrook Seton Hall USA
MikeReilly Creighton Matt Stainbrook Georgetown USA
jeremy.menninger Creighton Matt Stainbrook Georgetown USA
MikeJ. Creighton Kameron Woods Seton Hall Germany
Tyler Ricky Tynes DePaul Matt Stainbrook Providence South Africa

And now, on to the rankings (records through 2/3)...

1. Creighton Bluejays (18-3, 8-1) 5 First-Place Votes

  • That Ethan Wragge kid… I mean, seriously, who does he think he is? The Blue Jays shoot almost as many threes as Villanova and make more than anyone else in Division I. -Brian Ewart
  • Ooooo look at us, we shoot the ball well and have good offensive sets, ooooo. -jeremy.menninger
  • Ethan Wragge has attempted 6 2-point FG this year, and just 1 in Big East play. The 1? A tap-in layup from an offensive rebound. He has not attempted a 2-point jumper in-conference. -kevin.pulsifer
  • Going through the soft portion of the schedule now, but the end of their season is murderer's row - and everyone will be trying to take them down. -Chris Lane
  • Douggy McBuckets took the hearts and souls of every New Yorker (or just the small sample that's Red Storm fans) last week with a dagger buzzer beater. Creighton hasn't lost since they sonned 'Nova, so there's no reason for them to drop from the top spot just yet. -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • Just waiting for you to lose.... still waiting. -rsaccoma2016

2. Villanova Wildcats (20-2, 8-1) 4 First-Place Votes

  • This must be what happiness is like. -jeremy.menninger
  • The Wildcats, along with Creighton, each have 4 conference wins by 15+. The rest of the Big East combined? 5. With last night's win over Xavier, it's become a two-team race. -kevin.pulsifer
  • Do we have our groove back? Xavier thinks so. -Chris Lane
  • Though the Wildcats are currently tied for the top spot in the conference with Creighton, I'll take the team that beat them last over runaway games against Temple and Xavier. Oh and to Chris Mack, are you still raising a JV team in Cincinnati or...  -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • Just waiting for Creighton to lose... still waiting. -rsaccoma2016

3. Providence Friars (16-7, 6-4)

  • They're ranked third in the Big East wtf? -jeremy.menninger
  • They're firmly in everyone's brackets now, and I'd love to see them stay. Just not sure they can. -kevin.pulsifer
  • Dangerous. Not looking forward to facing them again at The Dunk. -Chris Lane
  • Friars are coming off two strong wins (when they beat St. John's today) after a tough loss vs. Marquette. Not too shabby. -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • Lose to Marquette. Close win vs. DePaul. Now a home loss to St. John's? Are we choking? -rsaccoma2016

4. Xavier Musketeers (15-7, 5-4)

  • They played a good game against us. I don't see them pulling upsets in either tournament though. -jeremy.menninger
  • Three straight losses and they're still #4? That's how bad it's gotten. -kevin.pulsifer
  • Talented, but that 23 point beatdown at Villanova showed just how far they have to go as a team. -Chris Lane
  • Chris Mack "I'm not coaching a JV squad" giving up 81 points on the road and 15 turnovers and 63 second half points makes me think otherwise. Welcome to the Fisher Price League Chris, you've been demoted. -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • What happened to you? Don't make me send you to your room like Georgetown. -rsaccoma2016

5. Georgetown Hoyas (13-9, 4-6)

  • Boo Georgetown, boo. -jeremy.menninger
  • The MSU win is HUGE for the conference, but almost too little too late for a team coming off 5 straight losses. Oh, and you beat DePaul? Here's a cookie. -kevin.pulsifer
  • Sneaking back on to the bubble? That Michigan State win might have resurrected their season. -Chris Lane
  • You beat Michigan State. You get daps fo' that. -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • Nice win against a top 10 team but that's so 2 months ago. -rsaccoma2016

6. Seton Hall Pirates (13-9, 4-5)

  • If you had told me before the season that I would have Seton Hall at #6... -jeremy.menninger
  • They've alternated wins and losses for the last six games. Keeping that trend alive would lead to a Nova win on Saturday. -kevin.pulsifer
  • Kind of like Marquette. Nice win at Xavier. Crappy loss at home to Butler. -Chris Lane
  • Suprisingly, Seton Hall has been equally as bad and good as Georgetown and St. John's, which (sorry Ryan Sacc) has surprised the crap out of me so far. Who just gives Seton Hall 13 wins? They gypsies. That's who. -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • Basically, you defeat a team on the road, and we're all impressed, then it ends up that the team you beat isn't that good. -rsaccoma2016

7. Marquette Golden Eagles (12-10, 4-5)

  • Is this who I ranked fifth? After the top few it's a total crap shoot. -jeremy.menninger
  • When a team that's used to being guard-heavy shoots 29.3% from 3, you're going to struggle on the road. MSG isn't an easy place to play, and the Johnnies took advantage. -kevin.pulsifer
  • The win over Providence raised some hope, and then they get trucked on the road at St. John's. -Chris Lane
  • You're tied with Seton Hall for 5th in the conference. Go home. You've been drunk since week 1. -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • I still LOL that you were ranked at one point. -rsaccoma2016

8. St. John's Red Storm (14-9, 4-6)

  • They stink. -jeremy.menninger
  • After losing to Villanova by 7, the Storm has lost by 2, by 1 in double overtime, and by 3 on a buzzer-beater by Doug McDermott. They also have four wins in this span. It's too late to turn the ship around for NCAAs or anything, but they could make a seriously deep NIT run. -kevin.pulsifer
  • You brought this on yourself by letting Steve Lavin dress like that. -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • You are finally proving to be the team we all thought you could be! Better late than never! -rsaccoma2016

9. Butler Bulldogs (12-9, 2-7)

  • Big time disappointment, like my fifth birthday. -jeremy.menninger
  • Just got their first win in regulation in the new Big East! Their last 40-minute win? NJIT. Brad Stevens would have this team at 6-3 or 7-2. -kevin.pulsifer
  • Write 'em off for the year. The step up in conference talent + Brad Stevens' departure were bigger obstacles than we realized. -Chris Lane
  • Didn't we think you were supposed to be good this season? Wasn't Hinkle a fortress of sorts? Who are you and what have you done with Butler? -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • You have two big conference wins, but at this point in the year no one really cares. -rsaccoma2016

10. DePaul Blue Demons (10-13, 2-8)

  • We're like a father whose kid helps an old lady across the street. "Aww, maybe he's a good kid after all." The next day the cops are bringing him to the door for egging said old lady's house. -Chris Lane
  • Can we trade them? -jeremy.menninger
  • If they think their five-game losing streak will end soon, say hello to Doug McDermott, Ethan Wragge, and the entire Villanova squad. Followed by a road trip to Providence and Xavier. They might not win again until March. -kevin.pulsifer
  • We don't expect you to win more than 4 conference games this season, so keep doing what you want. -Tyler Ricky Tynes
  • Started from the bottom, now we’re… still at the bottom. There will be no Drake night in Chicago. -Brian Ewart
  • You're the Michael Jordan of being really bad. -rsaccoma2016

What do you think? Are there any extreme outliers in the VU Hoops rankings?